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Latest Items

  • HIGH DEMAND ! New Septum Designs

  • NEW SIZE ! 2.5mm Lip disc in Steel and Titanium.

  • AMAZING ! 18ga (1.0mm) Hinged Segment Rings for the Nose

  • EAR MANIA ! Tragus Charms and Chains for Micro barbells

  • ON REQUEST ! 0.8mm Circular Micro Barbells for the Nose

  • IDEA ! Display for external or internal attachments

  • ADDITIONAL ! More additional sizes on various Ball Closure Rings

  • HOT! New Tribal Brass Tunnels (RFTX)

  • HINGE MANIA ! Additional sizes for the Hinged Ball Closure Rings

  • NEW OPAL COLOR ! RED- additional colour for the Opal line

  • OPAL LINE ! RED & BLUE new colors

  • HIGH DEMAND ! New additional designs for the very popular

  • EO STERILIZED ! More options for the 10 Pcs Box (TS10-...)