Piercing Sizes

Piercings are measured by thickness, diameter and width.

Piercing Rings are measured by the inside diameter.

Septum Clickers are measured by the pin thickness and the inside height.

Straight and curved barbells are measured by the linear width from ball to ball.

  1. Wire size in Gauge or mm
    It is the size of the stem (thickness of the wire) on most pieces of jewelry. Basically, it's the size of the hole people need to insert a piece of jewelry. We indicate this size in Gauges and Millimeter. Ex: 14GA (1.6MM)
  2. Size (length) in mm (length sizes we measure only in millimeter)
  3. Ball or Attachment Size in mm (balls, spikes and all other attachments we measure only in millimeter)

General Guidelines

Nose Piercings come in 0.8 or 1.0mm

Earstud pins are always 0.8mm

Eyebrow Piercings use always1.2mm

Labrets are most common in 1.2mm but also 1.6mm is available

Septum Piercings are most common in 1.2mm but also 1.6mm is available

Industrial barbell, nipple, tongue or the navel are common in 1.6mm.

Internally Threaded

We use 0.8mm threads for our 1.2mm internally threaded items.

Attachments are compatible throughout our entire collection.

0.8mm is the standard for most European suppliers but some US Suppliers might use 0.9mm as the standard. If you are not sure, please check with your supplier or with us.

1.6mm internally threaded items are having the same 1.2mm standard threads all over the world.