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Latest Items

  • NEW FOR SEPTUM ! V Shaped Plain (JSRX-17)

  • TITANIUM ! Titanium 3 Balls Trinity designs

  • SUMMER IS COMING ! Tribal Brass Bananas with SS316L Pins (RBX..)

  • MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD! Additional Body Parts Displays

  • TUNNEL! Our Titanium Internal Tunnels

  • SOLUTION ! The Silicon Piercing Disc helps the healing

  • WANT SMALLER ? Titanium 18GA (1.0mm) Internal Labrets

  • HINGED TITANIUM! Titanium Hinged Segment Rings

  • TITANIUM ! Straight open Nose Rings (TONRS)

  • NEW FOR SEPTUM ! Septum Pinchers

  • HINGE MANIA! Triple Hinged Rings set with Cubic Zirconia

  • HIDE IT ! Titanium Septum Retainers