Order Sheets for your Orders

Order Sheets

There are 2 Order Sheets that you can use to make an order. Please choose the one that is easy for you to use.

Simple Order Sheet

The Simple Order Sheet can be completed by writing the codes, colors, sizes and quantity.
Then you can email or fax it to us. View the detailed instructions here.


Automated Sheet

Our new Automated Order Sheet is easy to use and offers several advantages:

  • It allows you to create and complete your orders offline.
  • Reduce ordering mistakes by showing you all available colors and sizes.
  • Instant view of your total order amount.
  • Speed up your order processing when we receive it

How to use it in 3 steps:

  • Click on the item
  • Click on one of the available sizes and colors
  • Enter the quantity

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For more detailed information on how to use the Automated Ordersheet, please see our user guide: Office 2003 (.doc) or Office 2007 (.docx).

Discount Rates

  • US$1,000-1,999.99 = 5%
  • US$2,000-2,999.99 = 10%
  • US$3,000-4,999.99 = 15%
  • US$5,000-UP = 20%
The Minimum Order amount is US$ 500. For large order, please contact us directly.

Price list

Our 2013 price list is a quick reference for prices. All products are listed by page of our current catalog and the new items that are not included in the current catalog.

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