• Corona Virus Update #2

    This is a particularly challenging time for all of us, regardless of location, as the economic fallout from this situation is impacting everyone's business in many ways.From 1st of April onwards, we are reducing our working time by 20% but the factory will stay open for now as there is no total lockdown in Thailand yet.Instead of focusing on fear and uncertainty, we encourage you to look at the critical moment in time as an opportunity to reset, reconnect,
  • and remember what is truly important.New items are a very important aspect. Get rid of old stuff sitting there and asking for your approval to die. Our system allows you to order small qty for each design, so the risk is not that big but the impact will be huge once your customers are coming back to you for fresh upgrades.

    Carpe Diem
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    Looking for items featured in one of our newsletters? Simply go to our Piercing tab, choose the middle tab that says catalog page. You can now also search by all Newsletters starting in August 2019 (N2004 would search for all items released in the April 2020 Newsletter, N1908 for August 2019 and so on)
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