Our Threadless Labrets and one sided Micro Barbell Pins are now available in all sizes from 0.8mm (20GA) up to 1.6mm (14GA). Any Threadless attachment will fit with all of those pins which gives you endless possibilities. You can now change your customers ear studs, which may have been wrongly used for cartilage piercings, with the 0.8mm TL system. Those same attachments can also be used for Nose piercings with the TL Nose Stud Pins in 0.8mm (20GA).
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Latest Items

  • CLUSTERS! Extended color line for the Titanium Cluster Clickers set w. Swarovski® Zirconia in White and the gorgeous new 2020 Rainbow Blue

  • NAUTICAL ROPE! A classic, Industrial Barbells in this top selling style

  • INNOVATIVE ADDITION OF A NEW MATERIAL! Cobalt Chromium NF is a new material with amazing characteristics, therefore we’re bringing you some of our best selling Clickers as a beginning of a new chapter in the piercing world. Stay tuned for more info on this great material

  • TINY TREASURES! The threadless pins in 20GA give you limitless possibilities with those stunning 18K Solid Gold Micro Attachments

  • GUY STUFF! Simple yet cool square Ear studs set with Princess cut Swarovski® Zirconia

  • CHARMING and LIGHT! Titanium Charms to compliment Hinged Rings in the same material

  • ENDLESS-THREADLESS! The complete Size range to fit any location

  • NEW NAVEL CLICKERS! CoCr Nickel Free Oval Navel Clickers set w. Swarovski® or regular Zirconia

  • RAINBOW BLUE! Dark hue of Blue, the color of 2020 and resembling real Sapphires we’re bringing you gorgeous new combos in our Titanium Cluster Bananas

  • CLUSTERS! Extended color line for the Internally Threaded Titanium Cluster Attachments set w. Swarovski® Zirconia in White and Rainbow Blue

  • CLASSIC meets COOL! Great selection of internally threaded items with cultured Freshwater Pearls that give the titanium the edge and class

  • DISPLAYS! Picture Frame Display stands in A4 size, as well as Acrylic Head stand featuring the silicon ear

  • EAR CHIC! Ear Studs set with Cubic Zirconia to match those stunning attachments

  • COVID-19! Face Masks and Face Shields to help you stay safe