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Latest Items

  • STYLISH ! One more new Body part that combines

  • ROOK ! The oval shaped Rook Clickers set

  • HOT ! Hinged Clickers set with synthetic opal spikes

  • DISPLAYS ! 3 level display stands with new improved clips

  • TITANIUM ! Internally threaded floating circles attachments

  • TITANIUM ! Internally threaded Synthetic Opal spike attachments

  • MEDUSA ! Internally threaded attachments for Medusa

  • HINGEMANIA ! Additional sizes for the Large

  • ROOK ! The wait is OVER! Finally we got your rook covered,

  • TITANIUM HINGE RINGS ! Additional “not so plain” designs for

  • EASY USE ! EO Sterilized Piercing Clamps for the Pro Piercer.

  • HIGH END ! High End Attachments set with real Rubies,