Your Tools

This page gives you access to some tools that you could use to ease your work.
Come back to this page regullary as we will add other tools in the future.

Order Templates

Order templates will allow you to create list of products that you can copy in your shopping box in one click.
If you are a regular customer that like to order the same products on a regular basis, you can select those products and create a template that you will use to re-order them.
The principle is easy, just put the products in your shopping box and go to the shopping box. Click on the "Create Template" and the template will be created and available for use in your Templates List.

Your backorders

This page will show you all your ordered items that are not shipped yet.
The data is updated several times per day and you will be able to see the finished and remaining quantities for each item.
This tool is handy in case you wait for some urgent items that you would like us to ship to you.