Frequent Asked Questions

  • Do you produce the jewelry yourself and where is the factory based?

    Our factory and showroom is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We manufacture the jewelry in house and have also our designs created by our own designers.

  • How can we order?

    For detailed information on how to order, please go to this page.

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  • Can we order online on your website?

    Online ordering is of course available on our new website.

    Orders that are send to us by any other ways (email, fax,…), will be copied to the website so you will be able to follow them up.

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  • What is the minimum order?

    The minimum order for Steel and Silver products is US$ 1000 (excluding the shipping cost).

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  • How can I follow-up my orders?

    You can view all the details of all your orders in the "My Account" menu.

    Open Orders
    Shows all your open orders. Click here to check yours.
    Order history
    Shows all your order history. Click here to check yours.

    You can also have a global view of all your backorders here.

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  • How do you ship?

    We offer shipping rates from UPS, DHL and Fedex and let our customers decide which one to use.

    If you have your own shipping account, please let us know.

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  • Do you provide Insurance for the parcels?

    We offer an insurance for parcels at a rate of 0.4% of the declared value. This insurance will cover the full declared value in case it is lost. Please let us know if you would like us to make this insurance.

    If you decide not to insure your parcels, we are not responsible if it gets lost.

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  • Can we pick up orders in Thailand?

    Yes that is possible, but we will have to charge you the 7% VAT (Value Added Tax) which is required by law in Thailand. As our company is registered with the Tax refund for Tourists, you can claim this VAT back in the airport when leaving Thailand.

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  • How much is the shipping cost?

    The shipping cost depends on products ordered (weight/dimensions) and the destination (country).

    If you order displays and other bulky items, shipping cost will go up as you will be charged by the volume and not by weight (volumetric weight).

    Approximately, your shipping cost for a US$ 1,000 order will be around US$ 80-100 to Europe. As for an order of US $10,000, it will be around US$ 250.

    The exact shipping cost will be on your Proforma Invoice.

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  • How much are the IMPORT TAXES

    For orders shipped outside of Thailand, the recipient of the merchandise is responsible for any import duties and taxes that may apply.

    The amounts of these taxes and duties vary depending on each country's import laws. We don't have access to that information for each country.

    It is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to research the appropriate information on import taxes and duties for his country.

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  • Which payment options do you accept?

    We accept bank transfers (T/T) or Credit Cards (4% fee).
    In our showroom in Thailand you can pay with cash or by Credit Card (4% fee).

    We add an additional fee of 4% for credit card payments.

    We will discontinue Paypal payments but for those who are still using this option, the fee is 7.4% (4.4% fee plus 3.0% exchange rate loss).

    Please note that the transmitting and/or intermediary bank may charge a fee for the wire transfer.
    You are responsible for paying such fee and charges, if any.
    Please ensure that this fee is not deducted from the amount payable.
    Should you require more information on such fee and charges, please speak to your bank directly.

    You could also try to use Wise ( for your bank transfers which might save some transfer fees.

    Additionally we are working on an option to accept Crypto Payments in the future.

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  • In which currency are your prices?

    Our prices are in US Dollars (US$).

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  • Do you require a deposit?

    For new customers, we require a minimum deposit of 30% of the total amount.

    For regular customers, a deposit is required only on big orders.

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  • How long does an order take?

    Orders might take up to 10 weeks for some products to complete. It all depends on the season and running orders we have.

    We recommend to use the option of partial shipments. In this case, we send you a big part of your order (70%-80% depending on products) in 1-2 weeks. The rest of the order is kept as a "Backorder" and will be sent later or with the next order you make with us. Most of our regular customers have chosen this option.

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  • Do you have artwork or pictures of the items?

    We usually provide our customers with the artwork and pictures of the items they order from us. We have download sections with jpg or psd files available.

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  • Can you do artwork like flyers and advertisements for us?

    We offer this service for our regular customers.

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  • Can you brand the displays with our company name?

    We can add stickers and/or laser engrave with your company name on most of the displays. We usually require at least 10 displays each. We do not remove our Steel and Silver logo.

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  • Do you have a printed catalog?

    Yes we have a printed Body Jewelry catalog. We will include one catalogs with your first order free of charge. Please let us know in case you would like to receive more then one copy. If you would like to receive a catalog before you place your first order, please register online and let us know.

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  • Can we use your catalog for our customers?

    You can use our catalog for your own customers. We have catalogs available which do not show our company name. We also have a website without our detail which shows the catalog online

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  • Do you have a newsletter?

    We have a monthly newsletter which includes information about our new items, national holidays and news regarding our company. Subscribe now.

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  • How can we receive a catalog or pricelist?

    You can receive the catalogs and price lists from us by simply registering online with your company information.

    Register here.

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  • Do you produce other product lines?

    We are the Manufacturer and Wholesaler of the most unique and innovative body jewelry on the market.

    Our Body Piercing Jewelry lines include Surgical steel, Black steel, Titanium G23, piercing tools, displays, as well as the well known Bioplast® piercing and more.

    You can find all of these products in our latest catalogs:

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  • What are MTO or Made To Order products?

    Some of our products are described as MTO products. MTO stands for Made To Order.

    They can be easily identified by the green MTO label () shown on the product pictures.

    To order those products, a minimum order quantity by size is required. The required quantity is shown on the order form.

    If a product comes in different colors, you can mix any colors until you obtain the minimum quantity for one size.

  • What is your return policy?

    Our return policy:

    We run a 100% QC on each product before we ship it to our customers all around the world. We commit our daily work to highest quality standards but mistakes might happen and therefore following return policy is in place:

    Errors from our side – we sent wrong Code, Size or Color.

    Items will be replaced.

    Product Returns – defective items:

    We do not issue any credit notes for defect items.

    If you receive a defect item from us, you can request a repair or replacement within 30 days after receiving the item. In order to do so, we need following information.

    • Product Code / Size / Color / Quantity / Invoice Number

    Please use this email address to inform us about defect items you would like replaced: [email protected]

    Items must be single-packed for return shipping with visible Product Code/Size/Color/Invoice Number on the bag.

    General: For hygienic reasons, items already worn and used, can not be claimed as defective item and won’t be replaced.

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  • What is Bioplast® ?

    Bioplast® is brand of products made form a medical material that is safe for piercing and can be autoclaved (sterilized).

    Bioplast® can be cut to any length and threaded by any metal ball closure. It is available in different shapes (Banana bars, Circular Bars, barbells, Labrets, eyebrow, nose studs etc). It can be combined with SS316L or Titanium.

    Bioplast® adjusts to the body temperature and not to the outside air temperature, like metals. Therefore, people getting pierced with Bioplast® have less swellings and infections. The healing process is much faster than with any other materials. Bioplast® does not contain nickel that can be a reason for allergic reactions.

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  • Why is Bioplast® better?

    The main advantage of Bioplast® is that it is biocompatible and perfectly accepted by the biological system. It adjusts to the body temperature and not to the outside air temperature, like metals (titanium, steel, etc).

    It is very flexible and light so it makes it ideal for piercing to minimize the risk of injury. Also it heals faster with Bioplast® and it has no allergic reactions (no nickel)

    Especially for Labrets, Bioplast® is considered one of the best materials to use as it does not harm the tooth enamel as metals do.

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  • Why are there fewer infections with Bioplast®?

    The main reason for fewer infections with Bioplast® is that when inserted into the body it changes its temperature to the body temperature thus not causing any allergic responses or infections.

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  • Why does piercings made from Bioplast® heal better and faster?

    Bioplast® is biocompatible and has no nickel or toxic in it which helps the body to adapt this material better into the body resulting in better and faster healing.

    The main reason for fewer infections with Bioplast® is that when inserted into the body it changes its’ temperature to the body’s temperature not causing any allergic responses or infections.

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  • Is Bioplast® biocompatible and what does it mean?

    Bioplast® is biocompatible which means that it does not have toxic or injurious effects on biological systems.

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  • Can I sterilize Bioplast® and at which temperature?

    Bioplast® can be autoclaved (sterilized) at 121 °C and pressured at 15PSI.

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  • What is autoclave?

    A method used to sterilize laboratory and medical equipment. Autoclaving kills all microorganisms present, including those that are resistant to the usual methods of disinfection such as alcohol. It is extremely efficient and reliable.

    Autoclaves comes in two varieties: steam and chemical. Steam autoclaves are the most common and the standard In Body Piercing. These use steam to sterilize objects, reaching a high temperature (121 °C) and pressure (15PSI) to kill microorganisms. Chemical autoclaves, or chemiclaves, are an alternative piece of equipment. Like with steam autoclaves, chemiclaves use steam under high pressure and temperature. They also use alcohol and formaldehyde vapors for additional sterilization.

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  • What is PVD coating?

    PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is the thin film of coating applied to items as an excellent wear and corrosion resistant. This guaranteed lifetime finish will not chip, fade, corrode or tarnish.

    The PVD formula is permanent and biocompatible for external and internal medical devices that come into contact with bone, skin, tissue and blood. We have it in black (BK), rose gold (RG), real Gold (BG) and zircon gold (BZ).

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  • What are the best sizes for Labrets, Barbells, Bananas and Plugs?
    1.2x8 and 1.2x7 / 1.2x10 (**)
    1.6x14 and 1.6x16 / 1.6x18 (**) and 1.6x20 (**)
    0.6x10 and 1.6x8 / 1.6x12
    Nose studs
    0.8mm / 1.0mm (**)
    3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16mm
    1.6x8 or 10mm

    ** For a First Piercing

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  • Are Plugs and Tunnels sold by pair or by piece?

    We sell Plugs (also fake glugs) and Tunnels by piece.

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  • Do you make custom designs?

    We make custom designs only for regular customers.

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  • Which titanium do you use?

    We use Titanium grade 6AL-4V-ELI, ASTM 136 (also called grade 23).

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  • Can we get certificates from the materials?

    You can download all our material certificates here:

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  • Is your Surgical Steel Nickel free?

    There is a difference between Nickel contain and Nickel release. Surgical Steel 316L always contains 6-13% of Nickel. If someone argues that Surgical Steel has no Nickel in it, it cannot be true since it would not be 316L.

    What is the most important is the Nickel release to the body, which should not be more than 0.5%.

    The European Nickel free standard states that the rate of nickel release from the parts of products coming into direct and prolonged contact with the skin should not be greater than 0.5 μg/cm2/week. In other words, these products should not release more than 0.05% nickel (no more than 1 part in 2000 should be Nickel).

    This rate of nickel release is even lower for piercing: 0.2 μg/cm2/week. (View the materials page to download all our nickel certificates.)

    Our products only contain 0.1 μg/cm2/week.

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  • Is Surgical Steel 316l magnetic?

    Stainless Steel 316L is a low-carbon form of 316 steel. Although it is non-magnetic when produced, it may become magnetic when worked.

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  • What is Annealed Surgical Steel?

    Annealing is a heat treatment which alters a material and makes it softer. This is necessary for designs that need to be easily bended by hand like a continuous ring or similar.

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