Search Tips

We guess you don't need alot of help to search and find the product you are looking for. Still, be aware that our products are split in two main groups:

  • Piercings - Contains all the items of our Steel and Silver Catalog
  • Jewelry - Contains all the items of our Steel Accessories Catalog

Both of those groups have their own search menu where you can click on one of the listed categories and types or use the search fields.

  • Keywords
    Will search the entered keyword as part of the product code, description or defined keywords
    Example : JBL will return product with code JBL, JBL2S, TJBL, BK-JBL ...
  • Page Number
    Will search for all products that are present on the entered page number
    Example : 155 will return all product that are on page 155 of our latest catalog
  • Product Code
    Will search for products that match the entered product code. You can use the % sign as Wildcard
    ( % means “any characters”). You can search on multiple codes by separating them with a comma sign.
    Examples :
    BFTN will return the product with code BFTN
    %BFTN will return BK-BFTN, BK-BFTN, BG-BFTN ...
    BFTN% will return BFTN, BFTN-28, BFTN-30, BFTNX-01L ...

If you encounter any problems or have some suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us using our online form or email us directly at [email protected].