Pricing System

Distributor (Bulk) Prices are offered only to True Wholesalers who have an average purchase volume of at least 10,000US$ per month

Wholesale Prices are for Shops and Studios with a minimum order of 1000US$.

As a new registered customer you will be able to purchase our products at Wholesale price.

Discount Rates

  • US$1,500-1,999.99 = 5%
  • US$2,000-2,999.99 = 10%
  • US$3,000-4,999.99 = 15%
  • US$5,000-UP = 20%

We do not agree to have our products sold on websites like Amazon, Ebay or similar.

Pricing System for silver and gold items

As you all know, the raw material prices are fluctuating a lot those days and this trend will probably continue in the future. Our pricing system will adjust our selling prices based on the daily raw gold and silver prices.

Our selling prices (prices in the price list) are calculated based on a certain reference price of the raw material. If the price of gold or silver changes, the selling price will change as well (according to the weight of the material the item contains).

Our actual reference prices are calculated by gram and are the following:

  • Reference price for silver is US$1.00 per gram
  • Reference price for 14k gold is US$25.00 per gram
  • Reference price for 18k gold is US$32.00 per gram

We follow the prices of our raw material on (The World Spot Price – Asia/Europe/NY).

The actual material prices are calculated on the basis of the (bid) rate.

For Example, on 15/02/2011 for the materials per Ounce:

  • 1 Ounce = 31.104gram
  • 14K Gold has 58.5% pure gold
  • 18K Gold has 75% pure gold.
Material Rate Price per ounce Price per Gram
Silver $30.62 / 31.104 = $0,984 per gram
Gold $1365.70 / 31.104 = $43.908 per gram of 100% pure gold
14K Gold $43.908 x 58.5% = $25.686 per gram
18K Gold $43.908 x 75% = $32.931 per gram

Item wholesale reference price= $6.30 (our reference price at $1.00 per gram in the price list)

Item contains 2,5gram of Silver.

  • In case the silver price changes to $1.10 per gram ($0.10 increase)

    New Price = $6.30 + ($0.10 x 2.5gr) = $6.55

  • In case the silver price changes to $0.90 per gram ($0.10 decrease)

    New Price = $6.30 + ($-0.10 x 2.5gr) = $6.05